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These are unprecedented times we’re living in. EBSCO would like to offer expanded access to some of our most popular online databases and eBook collections so that library patrons and students have greater access to valuable educational content for use during this extended period of time at home. We would like to offer 90 days access to the following resources for public libraries in Ontario:
Please use the following credentials with the links provided to access these resources:
 Username: solstrial
Password: Spring20202!

Canadian Reference Centre is the largest collection of regional full-text content available to Canadian schools and libraries. The database includes leading Canadian and international periodicals, reference books and biographies, plus thousands of images from the Canadian Press. 

Canadian Reference Centre:

 Canadian Literary Centre: With a deliberate Canadian focus, this database consists of book and reference content from Essays on Canadian Writing Press (ECW Press). ECW Press also provides several individual monographs, author biographies, essays, literary criticism and book reviews.

Canadian Literary Centre:

Canadian Points of View Reference Centre:
 Containing resources that present multiple sides of a current issue — including information on key topics of interest to Canadian researchers — this database helps students develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues and develop analytical thinking skills.

Canadian Points of View Reference Centre:
EBSCO eBooks Canadian Subscription Collection: Offer researchers thousands of e-books from top Canadian publishers and authors. This e-book collection covers a diverse range of subjects including topics pertaining to Canada, Canadian history, native culture, politics and current events.

EBSCO eBooks Canadian Subscription Collection:
EBSCO eBooks Cricket Media Subscription Collection: Build strong literacy skills in students from pre-K to 8th grade by offering digital access to award-winning, short-form fiction and nonfiction titles by Cricket Media. This unique e-book collection explores a wide range of subjects to help young readers explore and expand their worlds.

EBSCO eBooks Cricket Media Subscription Collection:
Tumble Book Library
Free from Tumblebooks! Access runs until Aug. 31, 2020.

TumbleBookLibrary – K-6 children’s ebook database

TumbleMath – K-6 math ebook database
Direct Link:

TeenBookCloud – gr 7-12 ebook database
Direct Link:

AudioBookCloud – all ages audio book database
Direct Link:

RomanceBookCloud – a huge collection of steamy Romance novels for the older crowd!
Direct Link: